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25 Jan Checkout this article internet of things business environment

The Internet of Things isn’t a brand new concept, but it is beginning to solidify itself in the zeitgeist of the corporate world. How will this paradigm shift affect your long term business and day-to-day projects?

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18 Jan Checkout this article

Your business process is all out of wack. It’s too slow, too complicated, and too inefficient. Let’s review how you can fix up those dusty old processes.

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12 Jan Checkout this article Apple VS Microsoft 2017

These two industry giants are no longer the only big kids on the playground, but they are definitely among the oldest. Competing over tech developments and computer sales for decades, will 2017 be a turning point in this constant race for one-up-manship? More to the point, whose side will you be on?

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04 Jan Checkout this article What is Information Technology?

Technology defines the modern world. And data is what humanity at large boils down to. What does it mean when information and technology come together? Computers, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, AV equipment, it’s all tech for storing and transmitting data, and we hire teams to keep it all working like a…well, like a well oiled machine. Curious about what your IT guy does? How about how to hire his replacement? You’ve come here for answers, but first we have a question: have you tried turning it off and on again?

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31 Dec Checkout this article content and document management case study

Al Rawabi has experienced a significant increase in productivity, reduction of operating and storage costs, and improved customer service – with fast retrieval and easy file searching, the information customers are requesting is at their fingertips.

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