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Your company probably isn’t doing enough to keep your files secure and your document storage organized. Some companies find some pretty half-baked ways to store and organize their files. When you don’t put enough time, effort, and money into safe file storage, you run the risk of losing everything to cyber attacks and employee error.

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Audit Trails sound like something an IRS agent uses daily. But they’re actually a great method for tracking and monitoring the files handled in your company. With the possibility of misplaced content, file loss, and tax scandal, every company with plenty of documents should be considering an audit trail program or feature to protect their business.

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Business Process Management is on the rise, but few companies truly understand how it can help grow their business, reduce costs, and streamline work. In this latest entry in the business solutions definitions series, we explore what it is that makes workflow automation so useful for the modern office.

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Batch Processing used to be done by hand with little punch cards. Now, it’s fast, efficient, and a boon for any business with a serious work load. You think you’ve got too many invoices to file or patient forms to index? Not anymore. Batch processing makes your enterprise content management tasks automatic and worry-free!

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Welcome to the wild world of Document Scanning! As part of our Business Solutions Defined series, we’ll be exploring all the terms related to scanning in images, forms, and files for your business or organization. We’re throwing a lot at you this week, but don’t worry – this article is for everyone, not just industry experts! Get your scanning caps on and enjoy the ride…

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