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12 Jan Checkout this article Apple VS Microsoft 2017

These two industry giants are no longer the only big kids on the playground, but they are definitely among the oldest. Competing over tech developments and computer sales for decades, will 2017 be a turning point in this constant race for one-up-manship? More to the point, whose side will you be on?

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21 Dec Checkout this article

Splitting the the business year into quarters is like splitting the calendar into seasons: every portion has its quirks, events, and mood. Q4 is coming to a close for many businesses. Sometimes that means a slowdown around the holidays. For other organizations, it means trying to get everything they can in under the wire. So, with the next quarter staring us in the face, what should we be focusing on?

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14 Dec Checkout this article
01 Dec Checkout this article How Enterprise Solutions Can Save Your Business

What is it that makes technology so hard to adjust to? Some businesses and organizations never pick up on the new tech they need, whether it’s the latest boom truck for your truck leasing business or the newest Nykon model for your marketing photographer. Enterprise software is one upgrade any business can invest in and see a concrete ROI that proves you’re a tech leader.

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24 Nov Checkout this article content and document management case study

Jotun Paint’s entire process was simplified using Easy Index modules to dramatically reduce operating costs, internal transportation of documents, and the risk of document loss. The need for physical document archives was eliminated. The success and overall experience has resulted in Jotun looking to expand the Contentverse solution to other Jotun Paint companies in the Middle East / North African region in 2017.

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