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Computhink Featured in CIO Review Annual Legal Technology Issue

by Andrea Cochran Comments: 0

CIO Review Magazine is featuring Computhink in the October issue of their publication’s Annual Edition, CIO Review: Legal Technology Special 2015. Over 300 companies were evaluated for consideration by CIO Review’s editorial research team and Computhink’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, Contentverse, has been selected as one of the 20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solution Providers of 2015.

CIO Review: Legal Technology Special 2015 goes out to 30,000 senior-level executives to highlight Technology solutions that make a difference. This edition is a must read for legal secretaries, litigation managers, case managers, and many other titles within the Legal Industry. Overall, it’s an excellent opportunity for a network of readers who make their key decisions based on technology to recognize the major benefits that Contentverse brings to the table.

The legal system is structured in accordance with lawful precedence and time-governed procedures. Contentverse plays a major role in the legal industry by streamlining efficiency and productivity. Filing legal content used to be a manual process, but as guidelines, compliance legislation, and legal processes are updated and expanded legal Matter Management must be flexible enough to adapt and evolve. After all, with the ever rising volume of information comes the need to properly process, manage and store it. Lawyers and legal workers know more than anyone that properly organizing and storing content is vital to professional performance.

With the incorporation of ECM software, eDiscovery is no longer a costly and time-consuming process. Law practitioners can protect their case files, simplify their legal processes, and mitigate risk with confidence and ease. An ECM solution allows one to efficiently manage the litigation process while following LGRC regulations. In addition to functionality related to the legal world, Contentverse makes it possible for law offices to ‘Go Green’ (and save room for potential growth) by digitally archiving paper files and limiting the production of tangible data in the future.

CIO Review recognizes Contentverse not only for its award-winning document management system, but also for its matter management capabilities. Contentverse makes the processing and storing of confidential, sensitive, and legal matter data simple and completely safe. Multi-user functionality means accessibility is never an issue; appointed administrators set the desired controls, streamlining who can access and share various information within a firm, business, or group. For sensitive documents, an option to enforce security is always available, in addition to audit trails for evidence of time-stamped user access throughout the process.

Computhink values the listing of Contentverse as one of the 20 Most Promising Legal Technology Solutions of 2015 by CIO Review Magazine. In the October Special Annual Edition Legal Technology Special 2015, you will find an exclusive promotion and interview. With all of the content and matter management choices out there, it means a great deal to be listed in the top tier of excellence among business professionals, technology specialists, and the entire legal industry.


If your business or practice is seeking matter management or content management services, visit the Contentverse website for more information and a free demo.

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