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Computhink Wins Award from Healthcare Industry Periodical

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The day has finally arrived – Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine is featuring Computhink and Contentverse in their February issue, out now! Computhink has been chosen among Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers of 2016. You can view the issue here to see our place in the Top Ten, followed by an interview piece with our very own company president, Joe Wharram, providing vital information on Contentverse’s place in the medical and healthcare space.

Those in the medical and healthcare field know that records management is one of the highest priorities. But without the right system in place, it’s also a source of frustration and misinformation. Contentverse ensures that customers in the healthcare industry can securely store and organize their patient records. The ECM software helps records staff to easily scan and index patient forms and records, meet HIPAA compliance with audit trails and document retention, and create dynamic workflows to pass records from step to step in the care process without a hitch.

For over twenty years, Computhink has been addressing the need to convert growing volumes of paper documents to digital and save them in an organized structure. With Contentverse, their Enterprise Content Management solution, documents can be scanned, electronically saved, or generated by third party applications, in any format, and saved into Contentverse where they are accessible via multiple security tiers. Drag and drop, high speed production capture, auto indexing, flexible search options, and version control, are just some of the features that any health care professional would find not only useful but absolutely necessary.

HIPAA compliance is another critical concern for every hospital, practice, or outpatient facility. Luckily, Contentverse works flawlessly with HIPAA regulations, just as it does with regulatory oversight in a wide range of industries. although Contentverse is a dynamic product, it has the features and the experienced tech team to tackle any challenge a healthcare professional can throw at it. And the ECM solution will continue to evolve and grow with the happy customers whose needs help shape it.

Healthcare and medical professionals interested in Contentverse can learn more here about how the ECM solution can make their job easier and their patients’ records more secure.

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