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24 Aug Checkout this article How do I Prevent a Cyber Attack on my Small Business Data?

Your small business data may already be at risk! Cyber attacks don’t just happen to huge chains and fortune 500 companies. They can happen to anyone! Learn how to mitigate risk to your small business by implementing security measures that are smart and cost-effective.

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06 Jul Checkout this article Server Basics for the Clueless Office Worker

Most companies with more than a few megabytes of valuable data also have a server. However, most company employees also have no clue what a server is. They’ll talk about the cloud and how all the data is just floating in the air. WRONG! Servers are a bit more complicated, but they’re crucial to your business running smoothly. Check out our guide to the absolute basics of understanding servers.

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01 Jun Checkout this article

Sharepoint still isn’t document management, and it’s not enterprise content management either. We have identified some of the most prominent issues with this wannabe enterprise application.

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27 May Checkout this article lease-to-purchase fits your budget

SaaS options and on-premise seem like polar opposites. But why not find a compromise in Lease-to-Purchase? You could be paying a small monthly cost for a set duration and own the software at the end of the payment period. How do ya like them apples?

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10 May Checkout this article the industry's best ways to prevent data loss

Your company’s information and records are an asset you can’t afford to lose. Even if you can recover some of your lost data, there’s no guarantee you can stay in business after a flood fries your services or an intern accidentally hits that “Delete” key! So, what are YOU doing to prevent data loss in your organization?

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