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What is the best way to find a file? Do you dive right into your nested folders and go hunting for it, one by one, like you’re Lex in the control room at the end of Jurassic Park? NO! You use search, of course! That forgettable little function is nothing to be ignored. Without search, you couldn’t Google or Bing to find a website, locate a file based on keywords, find a location in your maps app, locate a book at the library, etc. The hit list is virtually endless. So, when you’re looking for a good document or content management platform, don’t forget Search…

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01 Dec Checkout this article How Enterprise Solutions Can Save Your Business

What is it that makes technology so hard to adjust to? Some businesses and organizations never pick up on the new tech they need, whether it’s the latest boom truck for your truck leasing business or the newest Nykon model for your marketing photographer. Enterprise software is one upgrade any business can invest in and see a concrete ROI that proves you’re a tech leader.

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04 Nov Checkout this article

Finding out you came in under budget in your final quarter can mean a lot of things. Sometimes, it means you have a surplus that needs to be spent. Where should you re-invest this unexpected boon? We have a few ideas…

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21 Sep Checkout this article Where Do I Safely Store My Company Files?

Data is of huge importance to any company these days, but no every organization puts enough time into figuring out where to store this important information, and how storage systems can change the data itself.

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31 Aug Checkout this article

Your company probably isn’t doing enough to keep your files secure and your document storage organized. Some companies find some pretty half-baked ways to store and organize their files. When you don’t put enough time, effort, and money into safe file storage, you run the risk of losing everything to cyber attacks and employee error.

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