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It's Easy - User Experience and Content Input

Let’s face it, learning new software is no fun — that’s why we designed Contentverse to be easy-to-use.  How easy? Well, if you’ve used Microsoft Office, you’ll be able to use Contentverse. We’ve matched the UI of Contentverse to the look and feel of software you’re already using, which means we’ve knocked the first big roadblock to learning new software out of the way.  And yes, it also works with your existing scanners and other input devices.


You can input content easily utilizing all the common manual methods, drag and drop, import, scan, Microsoft office integration, print to, plus a variety of automated capture methods including Easy Index, CV Forms and other leading industry forms capture software.


Don’t have the software to view a specific document? Don’t worry. Contentverse allows you to view over 400 file types whether you have the native app on your PC or not. Having Contentverse on your side means never again having to say “I can’t open it”. Microsoft Access? Check. Adobe Illustrator? Indubitably. AutoCAD? All day, baby. Contentverse takes file conversion out of the equation.

Easy to learn


We’ve all been there: you know you have a file, but you have no idea where it is. If it’s a physical document, grab a coffee and start sifting through a bunch of filing cabinets. If it’s a digital document, it could be anywhere (on a computer, in someone’s email, on a shared drive or thumb drive, etc.), but it might as well be on a desert island. Your file is either lost or it’s going to take a lot more of your time to find.


With Contentverse, this doesn’t happen – classification of location and individual content data on input with auto filing and population of indices, external database lookup and node properties population minimizes manual classification while maximizing content designation for future search options.


Our fully customizable digital filing system and comprehensive search options retrieves any file quickly, even if you remember just a sliver of its name or contents. Imagine searching for a file based on this bit of information across your entire organization… and having it pop right up. That’s what Contentverse does. It finds tiny needles in very large haystacks. Instantly.

Works with existing products

Found it - Ready to Use

Once identified Contentverse provides a host of output options. Select a set or single document, or just designated pages and checkout, print, export, email or send to another application. Copied and pasted, complemented with a Cover Page to validate the content sent, even conversion of all file formats into a multi-page PDF. All of them are available to support the business process.


Want to edit it, select and “Launch” to automatically initiate the respective application and display the file format ready to edit. Once you are finished simple save and close and the file is returned to Contentverse updating version/revision control and the audit trail automatically.

View any file type

Go on Autopilot... in a Good Way

Putting Content in manually or automatically can initiate business processes. Dependent on preset conditions for indices and /or filing locations, content appears on the “To Do” dashboard of your users with clear instructions of what is to be accomplished. As each task is completed those assigned to the next step in the process are automatically notified. Allocation of staff can be accomplished by the system dynamically and escalated if not addressed within given time frames. Once complete a workflow can trigger different completion actions and/or initiate complementing workflows.


That’s the power of Contentverse workflow. Automated document and content workflow is guaranteed to improve your organization’s productivity, flexibility, accountability, and service-response times. That’s a neat little collection of goodies packed into one package. I guess you could say that Contentverse is the bee’s knees in a cat’s pajamas. Or something like that.

Autopilot workflow image

How Can I Data Mine?

How can I access the data that exists not only in the documents but from the actions and processes that are ongoing in the system? By carrying out designated searches, the resulting results list can be exported together with both system and document designated meta data in CSV format for any data mining application.


The Audit trail and Workflow report generators also provided detailed reports on all actions and functions providing a wealth of information for data analysis and evaluation.

Workflow image

How Secure is My Content?

We have all been there how can I ensure that only those I nominate can have access and how can I control what they can and cannot do with the documents. Contentverse uses the users and groups from the net operating system – how you log in in the morning, to define the users.  Contentverse layers content privileges for those users and groups.


If someone hacks into the network can they bypass the application go straight to the staorage locations and open the documents. Unlike the majority of ECM solutions Contentverse encrypts all files “At Rest” and “in transit” so they cannot be opened except by going through the application.

No cracking Contentverse


Contentverse is trusted by thousands of customers Worldwide.
Read their stories and how Contentverse changed everything.

  • What Contentverse has allowed us to do is have immediate access. Now, it’s as easy as hitting a search function on whatever device I’m using. The nice thing about Contentverse is it’s given me the ability to convert those twelve filing cabinets into a tablet.


    – VP Human Resources, Uniontown AAA

    Sheri Mozea
    Uniontown AAA

    Contentverse is an interesting and dynamic product that works very well with our individuals. It’s easy to use, simple to follow, and creates a great output for our customers. Computhink provides great technical support for our individuals to follow.


    – Executive Director, Henry County Abilities Resource Council

    Kenneth Albert

  • The customer service is always friendly, knowledgeable and patient.


    – Director, Will County

    Michael Thompson
    Will County

    I would recommend Contentverse without hesitation. We got a return on our investment from day one. They are immediately accessible by our auditors and we’re able to retain them for seven years.


    – Group Operations Director, Nimans

    John Cunningham

  • We’ve been using Contentverse to house our employee files. It works great for us. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know the alphabet well enough to put things in the right order! Contentverse has improved our ability to find things immensely.


    – HRIS & HR Processes Supervisor, Alaska Communications

    Marti Rhyne
    Alaska Communication

    Before we used Contentverse, when we filed our production documents it took 3-4 hours a day. We were able to cut that down to 15-20 minutes per day. Contentverse helped us save time and find documents instantly, which made our customer service more efficient and more effective.


    – VP Finance, Kocher + Becker

    Dan Grammatikos

  • We simply ran out of space and had no more room to put anything. While we have to maintain documents for our daily reference and access, the problem was made greater by the fact that legally we have to retain documents and files for the full term of each mortgage or loan.


    – President & CEO, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union

    Jack Vanderkooy
    DUCA Financial Services Credit Union

    I can’t imagine a school district of any size not needing Contentverse document management. Our lives have been so much easier since we started using the program.


    – Administration, Milan Special School District

    Lisa Sanders
    Milan Sp. School District

Of course, we’re happy to show you Contentverse.


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