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Ease of Use, with Amazing Power and Speed – Release of Contentverse 8.3

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Computhink is pleased to announce the release of their latest version Contentverse 8.3, their Enterprise Content Management solution. Providing new enhanced functionality, dynamic new business processing modules, and a new leading industry application integration, the comprehensive system-wide optimization, coupled with support for Windows 10 and MS SQL 2014, provides power, speed, and business integration like never before.

The speed of metadata population during indexing, the processing of mass imports, and the subsequent retrieval of documents regardless of location on the network or cloud, are all critical to user interaction and increased productivity. These improvements demonstrate their commitment to providing Contentverse users a faster and smoother experience.

Feature and user experience enhancements include the ability to enable auto-location and population of a folder when you select or open a document from search. Complementing the existing direct save option from any application, you can now save via the new Hot Folder Monitoring feature. Drag and drop to instantly direct- save content into Contentverse, in its originating file format. Simplifying the way to organize your inbound and outbound files, Contentverse does the job for you.

Expanding business critical application interactions, Contentverse offers an array of new business process modules together with new integrations options.  The new modules are CV Forms Capture, offering auto-filing, auto-indexing and dynamic allocation of staff for workflow processing, for all PDF and Word forms. Also, Easy Index for automated document content extraction from Images, and our digital fax processor – which takes care of auto filing, and auto indexing of faxes in direct response to customer requests.

An exciting new option for SalesForce (CRM) users is the ability to export files from SalesForce with related designated data to create documents in Contentverse and auto-populate metadata fields. This enables automatic initiation of workflows or simply facilitates a life cycle management process.  In addition, you can search within Salesforce and view the resulting documents from Contentverse.

Contentverse 8.3 is the hyper- powerful ECM solution with all-inclusive feature functionality that comes as standard.  Keeping your files safe, your workflow in order, and your business processes on-task, they have extended the simplicity of user interactions to a whole new level, improving upon what you already experience.

With every new version of Contentverse, users benefit from Computhink’s tireless commitment to deliver Enterprise level functionality for the small to medium sized businesses, meeting the increasing needs of their wide and expanding client base.

To learn more about Easy Index, SalesForce integration, CV Forms Capture, and other key features in Contentverse 8.3, give us a call or email us.


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