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03 Oct Checkout this article Electronic Signature Capture is Capturing Attention

Electronic Signature Capture is Capturing Attention

by Mike Mineo Comments: 0

Technology is a growing phenomenon in today’s society. We take our cellphones, laptops and tablets everywhere we go in order to keep our data and contacts close by. It’s safe to say that the era of hard copy documentation and filing is over, massacred by electronic and digital resources. Now, we are able to access all of our information right at our fingertips, from virtually anywhere in the world. Businesses, more than others, are the ones who usually benefit the most from the technological advances now offered – client files, data, and resources are all available to employees through their cellphones, tablets and laptops when equipped with the proper software. While all of this is convenient for users, one of the up and coming features of technology that saves businesses a significant amount of time is the use of electronic signature capture technology. An electronic signature can capture a person’s written signature and transfer it to a digital setting, be it a computer, laptop, or tablet. Once the signature has been retained the process of signing online documents becomes a stress-free experience for all corporate personnel.

Contentverse has an excellent electronic signature capture system which provides system-wide usability by all personnel, with the benefit of applying an authorized signature to any online document within seconds. Our easy-to-use technology allows users to also view all the signatures that have already been applied to/revoked from documentation. In order to use the electronic signature capture function, users must sign the required signature pad seven times in total so that their signature can be copied – this allows a biometric template of the signature to be compiled for storage and comparison. Once the pad has retained the signature, it is transferred to the digital world, where it is ready for use by all corporate employees. Signing a document will never seem like a hassle again – you simply place your electronic signature on to the signature field and your document is authorized and ready to go.

Not only is the electronic signature capture system convenient, but it’s also secure. Once your electronic signature is captured by the signature pad, it is safeguarded by a username and password, which is prompted each time you wish to place your authorized signature into a document. This is an excellent feature, as there are many opportunities for an electronic signature to be used fraudulently once it becomes readily accessible on a digital device. Once the identity of the user has been validated, the individual can return to conveniently authorizing all applicable documentation worry-free.

Here at Contentverse, our E Signature Certified Package is an excellent choice for all those looking for an easy business experience. The use of electronic signature capture is very convenient for the on-the-go business person, and allows for easy authorization in regard to online documentation. The documentation can be approved and sent on the spot, and be obtained by the intended receiver within minutes – signing a hard copy document, and then sending it in the mail can take days, maybe even a few weeks depending on the destination. When looking for your next advancement in technology, choose Contentverse for all of your electronic signature needs.

About the Author:

Mike Mineo is a writer and PR professional who enjoys writing about music and technology. He is the founder/editor of Obscure Sound, a music site that features independent artists, and also runs Obscure PR, which seeks awareness for independent talent. Also an experienced tech writer, he was impressed by Computhink’s software and staff, which prompted him to join Computhink‘s team. Mike has a BA in Communications from Fordham University. 

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