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26 Oct Checkout this article the truth about paper

A business still running on paper is running out of time. This outdated method for communicating, carrying out business, signing contracts, and creating documents should go the way of the pager. Modern business just doesn’t need it, and neither does the environment!

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21 Sep Checkout this article Where Do I Safely Store My Company Files?

Data is of huge importance to any company these days, but no every organization puts enough time into figuring out where to store this important information, and how storage systems can change the data itself.

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30 Jun Checkout this article Summer Cleaning for a New Office Space

Spring cleaning time may be over, but your office can still clean up its act. Out with the old, in with the new this summer office season. Get rid of that ancient software. Throw out your old paper files. Upgrade your business, and install some enterprise content management software from this century!

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16 Jun Checkout this article How to Jazz Up the Summer Office Life

Summertime makes you want to sunbathe, swim, grill, run, race bikes, hike, fly in a hot air balloon, and a million other things that lend themselves to the nice weather and sense of adventure. Employees are more interested in the what’s out the window than they are in their work. Which is why you’ve got to give them something to care about! Embrace summer, make it part of the office lifestyle, and you will reap the rewards for not being a summer grump.

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08 Jun Checkout this article seven ways your office can stay green this summer

Are you ready to Go Green this Summer! Your office will learn to love working in an environment that’s friendly to THE environment! So, hold off on that print job. Fill that reusable water bottle. And say YES to the greenest summer in living memory!

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