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What Contentverse has allowed us to do is have immediate access. Now, it’s as easy as hitting a search function on whatever device I’m using. The nice thing about Contentverse is it’s given me the ability to convert those twelve filing cabinets into a tablet.


– VP Human Resources, Uniontown AAA

Document Management testimonial Sheri Mozea
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Contentverse is an interesting and dynamic product that works very well with our individuals. It’s easy to use, simple to follow, and creates a great output for our customers. Computhink provides great technical support for our individuals to follow.


– Executive Director, Henry County Abilities Resource Council

Kenneth Albert
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The customer service is always friendly, knowledgeable and patient.


– Director, Will County

Michael Thompson
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I would recommend Contentverse without hesitation. We got a return on our investment from day one. They are immediately accessible by our auditors and we’re able to retain them for seven years.


– Group Operations Director, Nimans

John Cunningham
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We’ve been using Contentverse to house our employee files. It works great for us. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know the alphabet well enough to put things in the right order! Contentverse has improved our ability to find things immensely.


– HRIS & HR Processes Supervisor, Alaska Communications

testimonial4 Marti Rhyne
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Before we used Contentverse, when we filed our production documents it took 3-4 hours a day. We were able to cut that down to 15-20 minutes per day. Contentverse helped us save time and find documents instantly, which made our customer service more efficient and more effective.


– VP Finance, Kocher + Becker

Daniel Grammatikos Dan Grammatikos
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We simply ran out of space and had no more room to put anything. While we have to maintain documents for our daily reference and access, the problem was made greater by the fact that legally we have to retain documents and files for the full term of each mortgage or loan.


– President & CEO, DUCA Financial Services Credit Union

Jack Vanderkooy
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I can’t imagine a school district of any size not needing Contentverse document management. Our lives have been so much easier since we started using the program.


– Administration, Milan Special School District

Lisa Sanders Lisa Sanders
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Before we had Contentverse, we had to run around looking for documents in cabinets. Finding anything would take hours, if not days. After we adopted Contentverse, we were able scan documents quickly and retrieving them is now a matter of seconds.


– Lead Tech Coordinator, Transervice

Andrew Ruditser Andrew Ruditser
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I have worked with the technical side of things mostly and have found the techs to be very knowledgeable and helpful in solving problems and doing upgrades.


-Jon Blackman, Northeast IN Special Ed Co-op

Jon Blackman

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